The Moulin Rouge

Can you do the can-can?  Since 1889, the legendary Moulin Rouge has been attracting tourists and locals to its extravagant shows that have hosted stars like Ella Fitzgerald, Frank Sinatra, Liza Minelli & Elton John.  Originally built to be a site for seductive dance shows by courtesans, the Moulin Rouge developed into a less racy cabaret production while retaining its bohemian & romantic ambiance.  Even though the performances aren’t quite as crude as they used to be, they are still rather risqué and provocative. In other words, this isn’t a place to bring the kids.

The Moulin Rouge is located in Paris’s 18th arrondissement, lose to the artistic community of Montmarte and the red-light district of Pigalle, on Boulevard de Clichy. Just look for the giant red windmill its known so famously for.  I wouldn’t recommend settling down around the Moulin Rouge, as luxury Paris vacation rentals are scarce. Nevertheless, it’s an exciting place to visit!
Getting to the Moulin Rouge is easy, and there are a few options.  Travel by metro is the cheapest mode of transportation, and should be easy as metro stations are located within walking distance of virtually all Paris rental apartments, hotels and landmarks.  The closest metro station to the Moulin Rouge is Blanche. If luxury is your pleasure, there are all-inclusive night packages that include additions such as dinner at the Eiffel Tower, or cruises down the River Seine before the show.  Just visit your concierge at your hotel or your Paris vacation apartment booking agent for transportation information.
The Moulin Rouge’s present show is Feerie, featuring 4 scenes, 69 songs and over 100 artists (Doriss girls, dancers, acrobats, magicians & clowns). The show also has an integrated restaurant named the Bal du Moulin Rouge which features famous dishes like smoked salmon from Scotland, filet mignon, lamb roasted with thyme, and iced nougat with honey.  After the show, you can curl up on your sofa in your Paris apartment rental and watch the famous 2001 film “Moulin Rouge!” and experience the glamour and romance all over again.
Note: The Moulin Rouge will be closing down in Mid November for 5 weeks to make preparations for a new and improved show that will open in Christmas 2012.

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