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Paule Caillat

Not only can you find fantastic restaurants in Paris, you can always find a fantastic chef. If you are dying to channel your inner culinary skills then a fun excursion might be waiting for you in the kitchen. There are so many day classes, half-day classes and weekend adventures to choose from. We’ve found two unique experiences that are sure to delight your stomach and your taste buds.

The Promenades Gourmandes class with Paule Caillat. This is truly a start to finish class. Paule Calliat has been conducting cooking lessons, in English, for the last 13 years. All in her own kitchen. The day starts when you head with her to the market to shop for the ingredients. Talk about fresh! You will get to experience the local boulangerie, boucherie and poissonnerie. You will be skillfully educated on the differences in types of cheeses, cuts of meats and what to look for when selecting ingredients. Once you’ve filled your baskets, it’s back to her kitchen where the magic happens. You will prepare, completely hands on, a four course meal to pair with wine and great conversation. Nothing seems more authentic then sipping a glass of wine, while learning how to sautee and whisk a meal together from a true Parisian chef.

38 rue Notre Dame de Nazareth, 3rd, www.promenadesgourmandes.com. From €270 per person (less for parties of 2 or more).

You could also try a teaching class at La Cuisine Corsaire Ecole with Chef Emmanuel Tessier. The classes are all themed: spices, vegetables, fish, lobster, desert. Whatever the theme, expect to be transported with the ingredients. French is the primary language but ,if you give advance notice, you can have an English translation provided. For three hours you can expect to use all your senses and learn from a great chef instructor. It is very hands on and the themes are always related back to your own personal preferences. Suggestions of substitutions and ways you can use the techniques at home are discussed. Once your masterpiece is finished, you will sit down to taste the fruits of your labor. Each class has a max occupancy of 8 so an intimate lunch is a relaxing way to end the class. You also get a smaller box of your dish to take with you. The icing on the cake? As another parting gift, you are provided with ingredients to whip up something similiar at home. Tres Magnifique!

Place Saint-Méen, Cancale, www.cuisine-corsaire.fr. €104–€160

Whether you choose to venture from your apartment rentals in Paris or not, is up to you. If you’re in the market for a unique culinary experience, a cooking class is the perfect way to spend an afternoon in the city of lights.

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