Something different in Paris

Paris is known for their meats, cheeses, pastries etc. There is no shortage of good food or great restaurants. This weekend, a different food style takes the stage. October 1st and 2nd this year, in Paris, is Vegan Day.

Paris Vegan Day Festival will offer you an amazing vegan experience. This weekend consists of stalls, workshops, conferences and debates on topics that constitute the reasons for this lifestyle 100% responsible. The discovery of this show made ??a large success and welcomed over 4500 people last year.

Wondering what a Vegan diet consists of? Officially, vegans choose to avoid using or consuming all animal products. They also avoid dairy, eggs, fur, leather, wool, down or any chemicals/cosmetics tested on animals. It is a lifestyle that has taken off over the last few years and the participants of Vegan Day are hoping to spread the word.

This year, the main contributors to the show are young companies and associations. They are hosting dynamic workshops and conferences to provide information and education. In addition to the stalls, talks and exhibitions, there will be tons and tons of food. On Saturday night, at the Forum, they will be hosting a tapas dinner and the firs eco vegan fashions show in Europe. On Sunday morning, a delicious vegan brunch will be taking place at La Halle aux Oliviers for everyone to enjoy. If you’d actually like to be hands on with the food, there are countless cooking demonstrations and lessons taking place at the forum as well. From 10 AM until 7 PM on both days, events will be running like clock work. If you are a parent, wanting more information on raising your child Vegan, they even have a Organic and Vegan Village on Sunday October 2nd. Session include, ” Dietary advice for the growing vegan” and ” organic snacks and games”.

So, if you are in France this weekend, relaxing in your Paris vacation rental, head over to the forum for a unique culinary experience. There will be lots of experts on hand to answer any questions, cook you some enticing food and provide you with lots of entertainment.

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