Paris Packing Essentials

Your packing for Paris. It’s exciting, daunting and at times frustrating. Parisians are famous for being put together, fashionable and very chic. This adds to the pressure. You want to be comfortable, confident and ready to tackle anything Paris throws your way. Whether you are a ” just a carry on” packer or a ” I packed my entire life in my  four suitcases” packer, there are a few essentials that are always recommended.

Black, black and more black. Black is always in fashion, always classic and never changes with the seasons. It is the best way to feel put together when you are traipsing around the city. It will match with the majority of your suitcase and can be perfect for sustaining the wear and tear of city life. Spilled a little wine? It won’t show up on your black pants. Depending on the season you can alter the fabric choices but stick to dark colors to really maximize your packing efforts.

It does rain in Paris. That being said, a travel umbrella is never a waste of space in your suitcase. The phrase ” Oh I’ll just buy one in Paris if I need it” has been said a million times.You will be far more comfortable if you do wake up to rain and can just grab and go. No wandering out in the rain, getting soaked and uncomfortable on the hunt for an umbrella. The best part is that ,normally, the travel sized ones can fit into purses or satchels that you might be carrying with you. If that unexpected shower does pop up, then you are covered. Same with a trench coat. Its versatile, can be worn in all types of weather and is perfect for layering.

A scarf will always come in handy. Men and women can be seen sporting scarfs around the city. If its chilly they provide warmth. If it’s a warmer time of year, they provide a chic accessory and a perfect cover up in case you decide to head into a church. You always want to be covered so a scarf can come in handy. They also are helpful to pack on the plane for when your seatmate wants the air conditioning blasting the entire 8 hour flight. Again, pick some neutral palates so they can be paired with anything and everything in your bag.

A journal and digital camera. You will want remember that little Bistro on Rue Amelot or that hidden museum in the Latin Quarter.  You can  share with family and friends, give recommendations and have your own tour guide if you head back to the City of Lights.  Paris is one of those cities where, especially your first time, you want to remember everything. The smells, the people, the architecture, everything. A journal makes the best canvas. A digital camera will be priceless. Unless you are a serious photographer, leave the large bulky cameras at home. A pocket sized digital will be sure to record all of your pictures in style.

Last but not least, pack a little flexibility. Its a city, you’re traveling, things can happen. We hope your plane isn’t delayed or strikes aren’t present but you just never know. Things do and might happen. You’ve got to roll with the punches and soak in the experience from start to finish. If the weather is poor, meander through the museums. If the trains are delayed, walking is the best way to see the city. Make the best of the situation and enjoy Paris!

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