The best way to eat your way through Paris

Food just might be the most overwhelming thing about Paris. There are restaurants, bakeries, cheese shops, food stands and everything else in between. Deciding where to have your meals can make your head spin. Ahhh, what a good problem to have.  If you really want your Parisian food experience to stand out, then remember a few simple tips.

Eat what’s in season. Most of the time the chefs will only serve what they can get fresh and ripe.  If you see a restaurant serving vegetables that aren’t in season I would stay away. Chefs in France take a lot of pride in their cooking and prefer to serve you the best of the best. Don’t eat on an American schedule. Dinner at 7 PM in Paris is considered the early bird round. You will really get to know the locals and enhance your dining experience if you stick to a french schedule. Normally, take your lunch between 12 and 1 PM. Next, hit the restaurants between 8 and 9 PM. If you’re unsure of what the dinner protocol is for a restaurant you’re interested in, do a walk by at lunch and get a feel for the vibe.

When you do find a restaurant you like, order from the “menu”. This is one of the price fix options that is typically 3 or 4 courses. It is the best way to eat dinner in Paris. You typically will save some money, as even the pricier restaurants provide a deal this way, and you will get to experience the food as the chef intended you to. Things are paired to give you a complete dining experience. Have an apéro before dinner. It’s a very French thing to do, and makes your meal more of an experience. You can visit a bar of cafe, or have one at the restaurant. Either way, it starts the evening off right.

Finally, be brave! Try something you wouldn’t think you’d like. Have the Foie gras or Boeuf tartare. You just might be surprised what you fall in love with. The best part about a vacation rental in Paris is the fabulous kitchens. This allows you to dine out and try your hand at French cooking in your own “home”. Bon Appetite!

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