Paris and Pinterest

Have you been to Pinterest yet?  We have a mild obsession fierce addiction to it.  Where else can you see picture after picture of all things Paris?  Pins of pictures of the Eiffel Tower in every season, every time of day, lit up, from the top, from the bottom, sideways, from afar and from really closeup…endless pins.  Pins of Chanel, pins of fromage, pins of Versaille, Monmartre and the Seine….on and on and on.  It really is quite fabulous.  We have quite a collection of boards going and here are a few of our most favorite pins.

You can kind of get the feel for it, right?  We hope you will get on it and see all of our other pins and boards.  You can see them all here: Here is your warning:  You will get addicted and it just might inspire to pack a bag, book an apartment and head to Paris.  Remember, we told you so!

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  2. [...] make me realize how much I love this  city.  I found the photo above on Pinterest (as you know, I am addicted!).  It reminded me of taking my 10 year old daughter to the Jardin du Luxembourg and watching her [...]

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