Where is the 10?

It started with the 9th birthday.  We were in New York and I walked by the giant, orange 9 that stands on 57th street.  My daughter was about to turn nine and I had her pose by the statue and then sent the picture out on her birthday to family and friends.  It was such a big hit that I started making it a tradition on each vacation.

Her 10th year corresponded with a trip to France.  I knew this was going to be fun.  Every time we saw a 10 on a building or sign, I had her pose in front of it.  It turned into a game for the family.  Who could find the 10?  It kept her eyes open and we found so many interesting shops and buildings all due to her excitement of finding a 10.  When I got home and went through the pictures, we quickly chose a favorite and turned it into a cute card that went out just before her big day.

Next trip it was my turn!  We went to Paris for my 40th birthday and we had a blast searching for the perfect “40”.  Imagine how thrilled I was when the famous fashion house, Sonia Rykiel, was also celebrating their 40th birthday and the boutique’s windows were covered in fabulous decorations all with the number 40 included somewhere.  My pictures were fabulous!

This tradition has created a whole new element to our family travels.  It really keeps us on our toes and has us searching for the unusual setting to make the perfect picture.  My daughter is now 16 and travels a bit on her own.  She has surprised me several times with pictures friends have taken of her in front of the “15” or the “16”.  It makes me smile each time I get one.

Le Bar Dix is located at 10 rue de Odéon  75006 PARIS, France

Sonia Rykiel is located at 175 Boulevard Saint-Germain  75006 Paris, France

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