Street Art in Paris

Photo Credit: MaiLaifu

Written by Daniella Carrese

Street art is a part of any major city. Although street art is associated with graffiti and is not commonly seen as art but more as vandalism, in Paris the art is enjoyed by many spectators from all around. Street art gives a city character beyond it’s history. Today’s generation sees beyond the tagging and sees the originality and creativity that is put into the art form. All around Paris, as in any major city, there are many streets which have such art. The graffiti is embraced by many Parisians and seen as a way for many artists to express their emotions, and a way to liven up the city. Parisian street art is very different than most city art. Street art in Paris generates a picture with imagination and creativity. The color brought among the grey and brown walls in the city create a brilliant image to show the vibrant colors and scenes expressed by artists.  There are some tours around the city, of the art. To find certain areas that have these art forms visit this website. Even though some of these this may not be near your Parisian apartment rental, you can take a walking tour around the city and finds some of these locations.

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