3 Things That Make Travel Easier

Whether you are staying in a Paris vacation rental, on the beach in Mexico or at the hotel in the next state, there are just some things that make travel easier!  We have a whole board on Pinterest dedicated to this topic and we thought we would share some of our favorites.

This packing list “cheat sheet” has saved us many times!  It covers all of the essentials and and eliminates so much of the “Did I pack that?” anxiety.  You can buy them at The Container Store.

We admit it…we are gadget geeks and slightly obsessive about being tidy.  Opening up our carry on and finding all of our cords, adapters and chargers perfectly organized on this Grid It is like Christmas morning.  No more digging through the bottom of the bag!

We could have easily made our third suggestion really glamorous, like the Louis Vuitton complete travel guide collection, but we are going for practical.  Eliminating the big question, “Is my bag too heavy?”, can eliminate a lot of pre-trip hysteria the night before.  This little gadget (Hello? We love gadgets!) gives you the answer as soon as you zip up the bag.  The eScale is only $20!  Worth it!

Make sure you visit our “Making Travel Easier” board to see all of our suggestions.  What do you use to make travel easier?

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