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Property Spotlight – Paris Vacation Rental CobbleStay 024 Marais Magic

Friday, January 6th, 2012

Property Spotlight – Paris Vacation Rental CobbleStay 024 Marais Magic

Refined. Open Air Market nearby. Unique and One of a Kind. Completely renovated in 2009 by a renowned architect, the “marais magic” apartment is now a destination for savvy travelers who want more than a typical one bedroom. And, the ideal location.

Perfect for 2-4 friends traveling together. Read on!

The owners have mastered the melange of classic Paris with design aficionados. You’ll love the postcard backsplash in the kitchen.

The owner takes pride in the property. Isn’t it obvious? There is attention to detail everywhere, from the holistic decoration to the thoughtful layout.

Two bathrooms : Let’s start here because this apartment can accommodate 4 guests with its split bathroom. The location of the toilet is in the 2nd bathroom. The master bathroom includes a luxurious sink and both a shower and a bathtub. Don’t miss the statuesque flower vase on the bathroom counter.

Living Room: A big closet and mirror, antique table and chairs, a fold out sofa to sleep the 3rd and 4th guest. You will look at the chandelier through the gorgeous mirror above the fireplace

Master Bedroom : There are 2 twin beds in the master bedroom. It’s perfect if you actually don’t want to share the bed (the whole night) with your partner. Yes, the beds can be attached together as well. Also, the master bedroom is completely private from the living area. The master bathroom is just off the bedroom. There is a filtered coffee machine, along with the other modern conveniences. Dishwasher, Convection Oven, Microwave, Range. It’s right next to the Living Room to make entertaining a breeze.

See the below for more information about other conveniences in the property. Note: Towels are by Ralph Lauren and sheets are by Jalla / Anne de solene 200 Thread Count.

The latest video virtual tour of CobbleStay’s Paris Vacation Rental Marais Haven 013

Friday, January 6th, 2012

CobbleStay Paris Vacation Rental Marais Haven (013)

Common Tourist Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Thursday, September 9th, 2010

Our Marais Magic Property 024

Common tourist mistakes can make the difference between the worst and best vacation, especially in cities like Paris with different languages & currency.  Here’s a list of some common mistakes & how to avoid them.

1. Making a short visit:  Paris is a huge city with thousands of things to do/see, so be mindful that shortening your visit to 3-5 days may leave you feeling too rushed and unable to truly enjoy the vacation. Instead, forgo the cheap hotel weekend & settle in a luxurious Paris apartment rental where you can feel at home and experience all Paris has to offer at your leisure.
2. Touring in high season:  If you’re a crowd-fearing traveler, visiting Paris (especially the first time) between June and August could leave you feeling smothered and possibly broke!  Yes, American summer vacation is also peak tourist season throughout Europe, so be ready for the crowds or travel during the winter and see the beauty of Paris in the winter.
3. Staying in the wrong area:  While there is hardly a bad place to stay in Paris, there are some to avoid in certain situations.  For example, staying in the 19th or 20th arrondissement with children isn’t ideal. Research each arrondissement thoroughly, or ask your travel agent which Paris vacation rentals or hotels are ideal for you.
4. Overdoing guided tours: Guided tours can be great for getting a feel for the city, but don’t overdo it. There are many hidden treasures around Paris that can be stumbled upon by just exploring on your own. Even avoiding cliché hotel accommodations and going for cultural Paris rental apartments will give you a more fulfilling experience of Paris.
5. Packing too much: Try to pack light.  European hotel closets are not as large as American closets, and you don’t want to feel squashed.  If you are planning for an extended stay, you may be more comfortable in a Paris vacation apartment where space is a little more available.  Besides, why bring a lot of clothes when there is Paris fashion to explore?
6. Renting a Car:  You don’t want to drive around in the mayhem of Paris traffic; after all you’re on vacation.  Paris is notoriously one of the most difficult and stressful places to drive in.  Taxis are even an unnecessary expense as the public transportation systems in Paris are easy and inexpensive.  Paris can easily be explored on foot as well and walking gives you a great excuse to indulge in chocolates and croissants!
7. Not being aware:  As with any busy city, pick pockets are common and they tend to steal from distracted tourists.  Keep your travel documents & valuables close in hand or even in a strap around your waste.
8. Avoiding the language:  You’ll find Parisian locals a lot more accommodating just by attempting to speak the language to them, even though it may elicit a chuckle or two! Even something as simple as asking a Parisian in French to speak English will help.  You can say “parler vous anglais s’il vous plait?” which sounds something like “parlay voo onglay see voo play”.  Try it out on your hotel concierge or your Paris rental apartment booking agent and see how you do!