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J’ Adore Fifi Flowers…it is a contest!

Thursday, August 9th, 2012

You can win this print! 

We first fell in love with Fifi Flowers on Facebook.  We were captivated by the colors in her artwork and of course, her subject….PARIS!  We are thrilled that she is contributing this month’s Facebook Contest prize and we want you to learn a little bit more about  Fifi and what inspires her.

1.  We read on your website that life should be full of whimsy and fun…what do you do besides paint that keeps your day fun and whimsical?
First… I am the mother to to teenage boys and they add FUN to my life everyday!  Andddd… I find a bit of whimsy in everything I see and do.  Being an artist I think I view my surroundings as a possible painting… and I constantly snap photos throughout the day… inspiration is everywhere!
2.  Obviously we LOVE that you paint such colorful scenes of Paris, can you tell us when and how you fell in love with our favorite city?
I visited Paris only ONCE but it NEVER left moi… I hope that one day I will return to that AMAZING City… Until then I will paint my dreams of Paris!  What is not to love about the City… The history, the architecture… the incredible way it makes me feel knowing my favourite artist lived and created… How wonderful it would be to paint everyday in Paris… Ooh la la!
3.  People send you their favorite Paris photographs and commission you to paint it for them.  What is the most popular setting that is sent to you?
The Eiffel Tower is probably the most popular.  Many times the Eiffel Tower is NOT in the photos they send, but they want it added. Some many views I paint of Paris do not real exist… they are a dream, a fantasy… they are a bit of whimsy!
4.  Do you have any secret spots in Paris that make for a great photo background that you can share with our guests?
When I was in Paris I had no itinerary… my mother and I simply walked the streets… oui oui oui… there were places that we visited that everyone knows about but basically we just threw ourselves into the streets to experience the City! Everywhere we roamed we found a treasure… a FAB cafe, a chapeau (hat) shop, art exhibits at tiny museums, chocolat… There is not ONE secret spot but a multitude!
5.  We were thrilled to find your other website since we are voracious readers… what is your favorite book about Paris?
I don’t believe I’ve actually ever read a book about “Paris” but I’ve read many books set in Paris both fiction and nonfiction. We’ve featured books and interviewed a few authors who have written novels based in Paris on Reading is Fashionable… such as Kirsten Lobe, Corine Gantz and Paula McLain to name a few.  I have also been inspired to paint bookmarks after reading Paris based books… Hard to pick just one that stands out they ALL make moi yearn to be in Paris.
To see more of Fifi Flowers artwork visit her website.  To purchase one of her paintings or prints, visit her shop.  You can also follow her on Twitter @FifiFlowers.
Now…to get details and enter the contest click HERE!!!!
A Bientot!