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Rollerblading in Paris!

Saturday, June 23rd, 2012

We stumbled across this video on YouTube and remembered that it was one of the most fun things to watch while we were in Paris.  Pari Roller is the association in Paris that organizes the group skates.  Every Friday night (unless it is raining) a large group gathers at a predetermined location and they start skating.  There are a few things that you see in this video that stand out…

1.  They have the support of the Paris police!  They police block off the course so that they skaters are somewhat safe.  Amazing!

2.  This video was shot at 10:05 pm and it is still light (it was shot in June).  They skate until 1:00 am.

3.  There are many families skating.

4.  Some people are in costumes!

Pari Roller provides some pretty detailed guidelines on their website.   If you decide to join in on the fun, make sure to follow them.  It is definitely a great way to people watch and take in some of the local Paris flavor!   If you Rollerblade on your next trip to Paris, send us a picture or video so that we can share it with the CobbleStay Community.  Have fun and be safe!

Not The Usual Things to do With Kids in Paris

Friday, April 27th, 2012

Paris bird market

It is so easy to get wrapped up into what WE want to see when we travel to visit.  When you are traveling with the kids, explaining to them that they are going to be walking through museums and churches all day followed up with dinner in a restaurant where they have to be on their best behavior, well…they aren’t going to like that too much!

Here are three things off the beaten path for you to do with your kids in Paris:

*This sounds crazy but instead of heading to the popular Marais on Sunday, go to the Ile de la Cite and visit the bird markets.  It is a fun, crazy and magical place.  The kids just light up at when they see all of the different species and their colorful personalities.  Notre Dame is right there and you can finish up with a glace at Berthillon on the Ile Saint Louis.

Musee de la Poupee

*Boys will enjoy visiting the Maison de la Chasse and de la Nature, Paris’ hunting museum and girls just go crazy for La Musee de la Poupee, the doll museum.

*If the weather allows and the kids need to blow off some energy, leave your apartment, head to a hidden park and let them run on the grass (one of the only parks where this is allowed!).  Jardin Catherine Laboure (29 Rue de Babylone, 7e) is from our “secret” address book.  Bring a picnic lunch and let them be kids.

We learned quickly that if we let the kids do one or two things that they like during the day, they are much more tolerant of the grown up stuff.  Or, just too tired to complain!

3 Things That Made Me Miss Paris This Month

Friday, February 24th, 2012

Photo Credit:

As February comes to a close, I have been thinking of all of the things that made me miss Paris this month.  I am lucky that I get to talk about it everyday but I often stumble upon pictures, books and articles that tug at my heartstrings and make me realize how much I love this  city.  I found the photo above on Pinterest (as you know, I am addicted!).  It reminded me of taking my 10 year old daughter to the Jardin du Luxembourg and watching her push her boat around in the water.  It was so innocent, so “unplugged” and so peaceful.  A rare moment in this American girl’s life.

And, then I found this on Twitter!  Paris Chanson is an online,  French radio station that plays nothing but classic Paris songs.  Cheesy?  Not really!  I turned it on last Sunday while cooking my homemade pain au chocolat and it made a fun atmosphere that I wouldn’t have going on everyday but once in a while???  ABSOLUMENT!

Photo Credit: Amazon

I read A LOT about Paris!  So many people were talking about this book.  I had to search it out.  It is an illustrated comparison between Paris and New York and it is very cute.  It is a little snarky, a little campy and a whole lot of fun.  It made a great addition to my Paris bookshelf.

Yes, these are the things that made me miss Paris this month.  As if talking about Paris vacation rentals weren’t enough, right?

Where is the 10?

Monday, January 23rd, 2012

It started with the 9th birthday.  We were in New York and I walked by the giant, orange 9 that stands on 57th street.  My daughter was about to turn nine and I had her pose by the statue and then sent the picture out on her birthday to family and friends.  It was such a big hit that I started making it a tradition on each vacation.

Her 10th year corresponded with a trip to France.  I knew this was going to be fun.  Every time we saw a 10 on a building or sign, I had her pose in front of it.  It turned into a game for the family.  Who could find the 10?  It kept her eyes open and we found so many interesting shops and buildings all due to her excitement of finding a 10.  When I got home and went through the pictures, we quickly chose a favorite and turned it into a cute card that went out just before her big day.

Next trip it was my turn!  We went to Paris for my 40th birthday and we had a blast searching for the perfect “40”.  Imagine how thrilled I was when the famous fashion house, Sonia Rykiel, was also celebrating their 40th birthday and the boutique’s windows were covered in fabulous decorations all with the number 40 included somewhere.  My pictures were fabulous!

This tradition has created a whole new element to our family travels.  It really keeps us on our toes and has us searching for the unusual setting to make the perfect picture.  My daughter is now 16 and travels a bit on her own.  She has surprised me several times with pictures friends have taken of her in front of the “15” or the “16”.  It makes me smile each time I get one.

Le Bar Dix is located at 10 rue de Odéon  75006 PARIS, France

Sonia Rykiel is located at 175 Boulevard Saint-Germain  75006 Paris, France