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Lunch In Paris

Friday, May 20th, 2011

Eating lunch on your balcony of property 018

Eating in Paris, the culinary capital of the world, is always a pleasure. Eating lunch in Paris can be a particular pleasure since it offers a wide variety of possibilities for price, venue or choice of food.

Every neighborhood in Paris is filled with small specialty food shops. Paris apartment rentals afford the visitor the chance to get to know, and feel a part of, a real Parisian neighborhood. Browse the local boulangerie for a baguette, a thin loaf of French bread; the fromagerie for a tasty cheese; the charcuterie for some sausage, or other meat; and the patisserie for some fine French pastries. Or grab a bottle of wine and go home to your own Paris luxury apartment and enjoy a great lunch in comfort.
In fine weather, those same fixings can be turned into picnic fare. Paris abounds in possible picnic spots, and, since Paris vacation rentals are available all over the city, one is sure to be near to your Paris luxury apartment. While the Luxembourg Gardens on the left bank and the Place des Vosges on the right bank are two of the better known picnic spots, part of the fun of picnicking in Paris is finding your own special place from the many along the Seine, or the boulevards, or the many parks.
If picnicking or preparing your own lunch is not what you want, you still have many choices for eating lunch in Paris. Because most people staying in Paris apartment rentals aim to live like a Parisian that, most often, includes lunch at a neighborhood café or bistro. Often, cafes and small restaurants in the areas where people live and work, rather than in tourist areas, offer the best food and the best values around. While Paris cafes are the quintessential places to sip coffee, and other beverages, unhurried and enjoy the Parisian experience, they also serve food, often soup and sandwiches, and are great places for lunch.
Bistros are small restaurants that offer slightly heartier lunch offerings.
Traditional bistro fare can include French classics such as coq au vin, chicken cooked in red wine, and boeuf bourguinon, beef in a burgundy wine gravy with mushrooms and onions. Paris also has many ethnic restaurants that reflect the city’s diversity. These restaurants offer many different choices for lunch in the city.
Lastly, lunch is also served on boats that traverse the Seine and in the restaurants of the many hotels of Paris. Many hotel restaurants are among the highest rated, such as Alain Ducasse in the Plaza Athenee Hotel and Le Cinq in the Hotel George V.
Whatever you choose, allow yourself the time and comfort to explore the wonderful City of Lights, the hub of haute cuisine at any meal.

Breakfast in Paris

Wednesday, May 18th, 2011
Most importantly, French food, especially when eaten Paris, rarely disappoints.  While we believe that one of the best ways to eat breakfast in Paris is in the comforts of your very own Paris vacation apartment, there are many options.
When eating at home, the French tend to enjoy their “le petit déjeuner” (breakfast) with a quick meal consisting of “tartines” (lengthwise slices of French bread) with butter and jelly or jam, croissants (buttery rolls of flaky pastry), or even “pain au chocolat” (a pastry filled with chocolate), along with coffee or tea. French children are known to drink hot chocolate served in bowls with their breakfasts.
If you’re looking to eat out in Paris, the traditional spots for breakfast are the sidewalk cafés that open early in the day. They serve one or two croissants or a “tartine” as French households do, along with fruit, juice, and “café au lait” (strong espresso coffee with hot milk). In French homes, “café au lait” is traditionally served in a bowl, but in French cafés and restaurants, it is served in a large cup. In most cases, it is customary to drink coffee with food at breakfast, and not during other meals.
Larger breakfasts are also available, with an omelette, of course, and some Paris cafés even offer mid-morning brunch. Breakfasting in Paris at a café can be a truly delightful experience.
Another option, and one that is slightly cheaper than a café is eating breakfast in a bakery. Some will have a few small tables, and serve coffee, but you can also bring your own. You can also buy croissants and coffee “á portier” (to take away) and enjoy your breakfast on a bench overlooking the Seine, or in a local park.
Of course, if you’re staying in a vacation rental in Paris, you can eat whatever you want and save your money for Paris’ many attractions. Whether you choose the traditional Paris café, a bakery, or in the comfort of your Paris apartment rental or hotel, a Parisian breakfast is a great way to start the day!

Parisian Bread & Pastry Tours

Wednesday, September 22nd, 2010


Without a doubt, The City of Love is also the City of Bread!  Think delectable pastries, croissants & baguettes – or how about a croissant filled with melted chocolate? In any other country, a guided tour about bread seems slightly strange, but in Paris pastry shops often outnumber parking lots!  But how can you be sure you’re choosing the right pastries? The answer is easy, just book a patisserie tour! By the end, you’re sure to be a pro at distinguishing between the still delicious average pastry and the crème de la crème.

Most tours have a common meeting place located close to a popular metro station.  So once again, you won’t have problem getting there from your hotel or rental apartment in Paris.  Most tours are done on foot through the metro, so you’ll be able to indulge in the various pastries without adding to your waste line. Throughout the tour, you’ll see the top patisseries (and sometimes chocolateries) to try the popular croissants and more adventurous pastries like tea-flavored éclairs & macaroons.  During your tour, you’ll most likely be taken to Poilane, one of the most famous bakeries with sourdough, walnut, rhye & raisin loafs & thin crispy cookies called “punitions.” Another must-see is Stohrer, the oldest patisserie in Paris, dating back to 1730.  Stohrer is known for its colorful creations & dessert pastries.   Be sure to purchase at least some of these delicious breads on your trip, as getting anything like this back in North America is next to impossible.  If you’re staying in a vacation apartment in Paris, you can stock up in your kitchen so you’re sure to have a Parisian breakfast every day!
Naturally, some of these tours can get pricy.  Luckily, with some help from your Paris apartment rental booking agent, you can locate nearby Patisseries that are sure to satisfy even the most discerning taste buds.  Be sure to stock up for the length of your stay, as you may not find an excuse to indulge in chocolate croissants & cappuccinos everyday for breakfast when you get home!