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Three Shops I Cannot Wait to Visit in Paris

Thursday, June 21st, 2012

Merci Merci, Paris

As soon as I return from a trip to Paris, I start another file folder filled with places I must see, shop, eat and visit in Paris.  My folder is exploding with so many great things!  It IS time to return.  My next trip is in October and I wanted to share three places where I hope to spend many (dropping) Euros.

1.  Merci 111 boulevard Beaumarchais, 75003

This shop has been on my radar for some time.  I started reading little blurbs here and there about it and this little photo at the top has been popular in Pinterest.  It is filled with unique, stylish and chic items that will undoubtedly make me more unique, stylish and chic.  I shall visit there as soon as I get to Paris!!!

2.  Heurtault Paris 85 avenue Daumesnil, 75012

I have already warned my husband that I will be carrying an umbrella back on the plane home.  He reminded me that it is my umbrella and I will be doing all of the handling.  Fine!  I don’t care if he won’t hold it for me.  Look how beautiful they are!  I most definitely will be the chicest girl in the California rain.

3.  Les 3 marches de Catherine B.  1 rue Guisarde, 75006

I love Hermes.  I know, what girl doesn’t?  I have waited long enough for my dream Birkin.  I think I have a better chance of discovering one here.  I first found Catherine B. on Twitter.  And, from what I can gather from her French tweets, she is THE woman to go to for vintage designer goods.  Not only does she have Hermes bags, I believe she has quite a collection of vintage Chanel.  Don’t worry, I will give you the low down when I return!

Will you be in Paris before my October trip?  Please share your shopping lists and help me discover great Paris treasures!

What the Ladies are Wearing in Paris This Summer

Saturday, June 9th, 2012

Summer in Paris!!!  Yes, it can be very crowded but at least you have your Paris apartment rental to escape from it all.  From a fashion point of view, summer is the time when the Parisian girls, who normally stick with black and white, show off their colors.  Visitors to the fashion mecca should follow suit.  Here are CobbleStay’s top picks for what to pack this summer when traveling to Paris.

The temps in July peak at about 70 degrees, so wearing a long sleeved top can be a smart idea.  We also love this long skirt for the days that you might visit a church.  Keeping your limbs covered is a sign of respect.  The model’s platform sandals peeking out from the skirt are great for walking the cobblestone streets.

This outfit is perfect for visiting the museums and lunch at a cafe.   She can easily take off the cardigan when it is warming up outside and the bag…the perfect size for your cell, your camera, a journal and a bag of snacks.

We love this look because it is classic Paris style with a kick!  The Breton stripes thrown around her shoulders are perfect.  Her red pants are VERY à la mode and her shoes will keep her moving in comfort all day.

We can’t leave out the men!  We know it takes a special guy to get all fancy like these Paris locals.  But we can’t help but love them for their hats, touches of red and their argyle socks.

So…what are you packing this summer?

Breton Stripes

Sunday, April 22nd, 2012

Audrey Hepburn 

As the tulips start to bloom in the spring, I always find some version of the Breton striped shirt on the racks of my favorite stores.  Every time I see one, I am reminded of Paris and I was curious about its history.

In 1858, the striped, knitted shirt became the uniform for all French Navy seaman in Brittany.  The original design had 21 stripes, one for each of Napoleon’s victories. It eventually became a popular article of clothing to wear for fishermen and sailors because the stripes were easily visible in the waves if they were thrown overboard.  In 1889, the Saint James company  became the main manufacturer and still sells the traditional version today.

James Dean

In the 1950′s, the Breton sweaters and shirts were fast becoming stylish among the “beatnik” community.  Hollywood followed suit and the celebrities began wearing similar versions of the striped shirt.  It began to take on different shapes and proportions as fashion houses including Jean Paul Gaultier, Gucci and Balmain created their version of the sweater.  Once the big fashion houses started showing the navy and white tops, they became more mainstream and are now sold in J. Crew, The Gap and other American department stores.  They can be found in the traditional style and in very stylized versions like dresses, tank tops, with French blue stripes or in red and white stripes.  Yes, Parisians do wear them.  Typically, they are worn by women and usually under a trench coat or blazer.

I know I’m bringing my Breton stripe top with me the next time I go to Paris.  I have just the right black capri pants and khaki trench coat to wear it with.  And, now that I know the history behind the shirt, maybe I’ll wear it while I cruise down the Seine.  That way if I fall off the boat, they will have no problem finding me!

Coco Chanel by Daniella Carrese

Friday, December 23rd, 2011

Coco Chanel

By Daniella Carrese

Coco Chanel was one of the most influential designers in the fashion industry. She added so much to the world of design. Today her designs are warn by celebrities and aristocrats alike.


Early Life

Gabrielle Chanel was born in Saumur, France in August of 1883 to unwed mother Jeanne Devolle, a laundrywoman and father, Albert Chanel a traveling street peddler.  Her mother died when she was 12. As a result she was shipped off to a convent, in Aubazine, for orphans by her father, along with her two other sisters.

Getting Started

When Chanel was 18 she was sent to a boarding house for Catholic girls, where she learned how to sew.  She was hired as a seamstress, as her first job. She acquired her nickname “Coco” from the French word cocotte meaning lady or darling because of her cabaret shows she had put on when she was not working. Coco became the mistress of a wealthy cavalry officer, who indulged her with luxuries. Later she began an affair with a wealthy English upper-class man, Captain Arthur Capel had financed her first shop and greatly influenced her view of the world. Her taste in everything was changed to only the best that would be received. Her famous, eau de toilette, Chanel No. 5 was greatly changed due to the views of her paramour. After he had died due to a car accident, she was greatly devastated. Later she became a licensed hat maker or modiste.  Her hats became famous because of actress Gabrielle Dorziat. In 1931, while in Monte Carlo, she was introduced to Samuel Goldwyn who had asked her to come to Hollywood twice a year to design costumes for MGM stars.

World War II

During WWII, Chanel closed her shop. She had expressed her suppression toward Jews because of her involvement with the aristocracy. Her eau de toilette Chanel No.5 was very profitable during the war. She became a paid Nazi spy for the chief of the SS intelligence. Later she was used for a mission, because she was acquainted with Winston Churchill, to relieve tension between the English and Germans.

Later Years

Chanel returned to Paris in 1954 and also became reestablished with the fashion world.  Her couture house was not considered popular among the Parisians because of her betrayal to the French people during the war. But her new British and American customers loved her work. In 1971 she died at the age of 87 at the Hotel Ritz.

Audrey Hepburn

Coco Chanel gave the world of fashion many famous attributes including the “Chanel Suit” which became the casual formal wear for the prosperous. Also, the famous “Little Black Dress” arranged with pearls, was and is an everyday evening formal look. The look was also made famous by Audrey Hepburn in the movie “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”.  Today Chanel’s shops are seen throughout the world but while you are staying in your Paris apartment rental you can easily walk to the most famous of stores.