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Get Transported to Easter Sunday in Paris: Video

Friday, March 2nd, 2012

Paris Easter Morning from Bill L'Herault on Vimeo.

Luxury in the Most Visited City in the World

Thursday, February 2nd, 2012

Jet Charters

Paris is likely on the bucket list of any world traveler or adventurer. There’s a reason — probably more like a million reasons — it is the most visited city in the entire world. If you’re looking for a great city you’d be hard pressed to find one better than Paris. That said, many people who travel to France don’t get to experience the full luxury that Paris has to offer.

The first luxury comes before you’ve even made it into the city. When you’re traveling to the greatest city on earth you might as well travel in the greatest style. Taking an air charter is surely the best way to fly. It starts when you get to the airport and don’t have to go through all the ridiculous security and it ends with a crew that has only you to take care of. What could be better?

When you land for your first evening in Paris you should consider taking your dinner on a private boat tour of the Seine. Hire a river limousine (yes, it’s that luxurious) and your own private chef and you’ll have the best dinner you can imagine. If a run down the Seine sounds amazing and dinner from a private chef is your idea of a dream meal, consider this the indulgent experience of a lifetime. The fun is just getting started, however.

You’ll need a place to sleep after your dinner, so why not rent out your own luxury Paris apartment? You could stay in a cramped hotel room or hostel, but if you’re going all out then you need to have the best accommodations as well.  You can bring the chef back to cook in your spacious kitchen, or you can go just down the street for more choices. Either way, your apartment will feel just like home.

If there’s one “regular” spot in Paris you need to visit, it’s the Eiffel Tower. You don’t need to make it a typical day, however. Instead, go for a champagne lunch at the Eiffel Tower in the Altitude 58 Restaurant. You’ll have an amazing view of the city while you enjoy your fine dining meal. If you want an even better look, you can head up to the second level after your meal.

Last, but definitely not least, take some time to find your own luxury. Paris is a place where you can walk down one street and find a shop or café, and when you turn the corner you find one just as good or better. Take some time for yourself to discover the luxury that most tourists won’t have time to see.

Logan is a writer who spends his time planning the next trip when he isn’t stringing words together.  You can find out more about Logan and his company Jet Charters here:

4 Super-Luxe Gifts From Paris On My Wish List

Tuesday, December 13th, 2011

A Chanel frock from the Spring 2012 Collection

“Oui” ring from Christian Dior

Feu de Bois Large Outdoor Candle by Diptyque

Goyard trunk filled with Assouline signature books

A girl came dream, right?

Paris Year Around

Tuesday, August 24th, 2010

There is never really a bad time to see Paris, but preparing and knowing what to pack can be challenging. So, here’s the brief low-down on preparing for your trip to the City of Love and some advice to help prospective travelers choose an ideal travel-time.

Year Round: Bring comfortable shoes & an umbrella for annual rain. Pack lightly to save room for Parisian fashion, and pack loose clothes for delectable Parisian cuisine (wine, bread & chocolate!). Since Paris has so much to offer, renting a Paris vacation apartment is many times a more comfortable and economical option for extended stays.

Winter is an enchanting time for a visit (Valentine’s day in Paris?!) with low crowds and prices. December marks the beginning of ski season, holiday décor/shopping, ice-skating, and one of the best New Years parties in the world. Jan/Feb offer post-holiday sales and the famous Parisian Mardi Gras. Yes, Mardi Gras doesn’t just happen in New Orleans! Be sure to pack warmly though (36-45oF averages) and don’t forget your skis/snowboard, which can easily be stored in your hotel or Paris rental apartment.

Spring in Paris is about a lot of things, but first and foremost, its about flowers & chocolate! March is the perfect month for the crowd-fearing traveler and those who wish to visit a warmer Paris at lower prices. For the sweet tooth, the Easter chocolate in April is absolutely divine. May is another popular and warmer month when Spring is in full force and is great for hiking, sightseeing & wine tasting.

Summer in Paris is the most crowded, expensive & hottest time for travel. Nevertheless, summer in Paris is full of celebration (Tour De France, Bastille Day) and is always a good time. June-August temperatures average 75oF, but the heat & humidity can peak, so pack light since hotels may not offer air conditioning. Most of CobbleStay’s luxury Paris apartments offer AC, but rest assured you will know in advance if they don’t, so you can pack accordingly.

Fall in Paris is ideal for wine-lovers with the annual wine-harvest beginning amidst the beautifully fall-colored leaves. September still provides warmer climates and with tourists returning to work & school, prices & crowds begin to dwindle.

For more detailed information on what to expect when arriving to the city, ask your friendly representative.