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Day Trip From Paris to Bruges

For extended stays in Paris, a day trip to Bruges will leave you feeling enchanted.  This “Little Venice of the North” is one of the only towns in Europe that’s retained its medieval character with Roman, Viking & French influences. It is both the capital & largest city in West Flanders (the Flemish region of Belgium). 

Bruges can easily be done in a day when your staying in Paris, but if you’d like to spread out your time you can rent a quaint holiday rental for the weekend.  It won’t be as modern as a furnished Paris apartment rental, but you’ll find it quaint and cozy, and the pricing compared to renting apartments in Paris should be about the same.   

While you’re there, meander around the town, cobblestone homes and preserved old city gateways.  For some shopping you can visit the Halles, which is an outdoor market that hosts the famous Belfry (bell-tower) that you can climb to the top for an amazing view.  If your traveling between April & October, take your beloved on a romantic cruise down the canals that run through the entire city.  Be sure to see the Saint-Sang Basilica (church of holy blood), made famous by displaying a relic claimed to hold blood of Christ.  Other popular sites include the Church of Our Lady that features Michelangelo’s sculpture “Madonna & Child”, the gothic city hall, Provincial Court, Sant Salvator’s cathedral & many museums of Flemish Art.

Dining in Bruges is a treat, as Flemish food is one of the regions hidden treasures.  The quantities are huge, so for the average appetite, a meal can probably be shared. The food features comforting cuisine like stews and mashed potatoes, while some of the more famous dishes include Mosselen-Friet (aka mussles & chips) or Stomep, which is a potato mashed with vegetables and served with sausage.  Some recommended restaurants include De Verbeelding, De Goudencop, Mosselkeldr & Saint-Amore.  

Getting to Bruges from Paris is easy when you use the Thalys train, which leaves out of Paris Nord train station.  You can easily get to Paris Nord from your vacation rental in Paris by using the metro.  The trip takes about 2.5hours, and costs from €25-€147 one-way depending on desired level of comfort & how early you book. 

If planning every detail of your trip to Bruges gets to be slightly intimidating, there are many travel packages that can take you on a guided tour around Bruges.  Some will even pick you up directly from your hotel or Paris apartment rental, so all you’ll need to do is pack!