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Hotels vs. Apartments in Paris Part 2

In Part 1 of our Hotels v. Apartments breakdown, we laid out the differences between these two options as they related to the freedoms and conveniences of Paris hotels and Paris apartment rentals.  In Part 2, we will talk about a few more of these differences and also how they can affect the overall Paris vacation experience.  As a reminder, if you’re one of those people who think this kind of thing is a little overboard and that where you stay doesn’t really matter, then maybe this article isn’t for you. But, if you’re the type that wants to feel at least OK with your decision and the potentially thousands of dollars you may spend when you check out of your room or apartment, read on!

Whether you’re talking about hotels or Paris vacation rentals, things like television, phone, and internet access can vary extensively from place to place.  The need for these things can also vary depending on the travelers needs.   A business traveler for example may consider things like telephone and internet access to be a “must have” and may assume that hotels would be the best choice.  While most of the high end hotels will indeed offer different variations of television, phone, & internet packages, figuring out exactly what they offer is a must.  If the Internet is 50 Euros per day, and this is not uncommon, travelers may think that they are better off with no internet at all.  Surprisingly, one of the very best options in Paris for this type of amenity is found through   Many of CobbleStay’s Paris vacation apartment rentals come with free Wifi Internet access, free local calls and free calls to the U.S. & Canada, and a wide array of both local and foreign television channels.   Yes, nothing is free as talked about in Part 1, but it is very uncommon to find this type of amenity at the price point offered in the select Paris rental apartments at

Even though all of the varying amenities from place to place can be a big factor in a traveler’s decision, being able to read reviews and understand the real experiences of previous travelers can change your mind in a heartbeat.  When it comes to hotel reviews, especially for the larger ones, it is important to remember that any reviews you read are most likely not about your specific room.  While hotel amenities are typically a constant from room to room, things like the noise levels from the street or neighbors, the amount of light in the apartment, and the distance from the stairs or elevator can really be a big surprise.   Because short term Paris rentals are typically individual apartments, reviews you read are about the exact unit and therefore give a much better representation of the true experience.   Of course there is always the possibility of a biased review, so if you are weighting your decision heavily on them, be wary of the pitfalls. offers factual, unbiased descriptions and reviews and is therefore a great choice for if you can find Paris Vacation Rental that suits you.