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Living Like a Local in Paris

If you’ve ever travelled to a foreign country, you could say that the feeling of being an outsider comes with the territory.  You almost get the feeling that everywhere you go, people know that you’re “not from around here” and walking the streets with the tourist map you got from your hotel probably doesn’t help the situation.  For most short vacations this may not be a big deal, but if your plan is to stay in a foreign place for longer than a few days, sometimes the best way to fit in and also get a true feeling for the city is to “live like a local.”  Paris, France is no different and for many people can be one of the most intimidating tourist cities to visit in Western Europe.  One of the easiest ways to live like a local in the City of Lights is to rent a Paris vacation apartment rental.  

Whether you’re travelling with a large group, with a loved one, or alone on business, short term rentals in Paris provide an authentically French experience while embracing all of the luxuries and conveniences of home.  One luxury that is many times forgotten is the ability to entertain.  Paris apartment vacation rentals are not only more spacious and inviting, but many come with full kitchens and private terraces perfect for accommodating guests.   If you’re travelling with a large group, the benefits of these spaces are obvious, but if you’re travelling alone or with just your husband/wife, these advantages may not always come to mind.  In this case, entertaining while on vacation may seem kind of odd or something you wouldn’t really do, but you may also be missing out on a great way to live like a local and enjoy the city in a way many tourists will never experience.  

Despite being known more for romance, Paris is also a bustling center for commerce and accommodates thousands of business travelers every week.  If you’re travelling the long distance from the U.S. to Paris for a client meeting, the client(s) is most likely extremely important.  You could do the normal thing and take them all out to dinner at restaurant they have most likely already been to, or you could really make an impression by inviting them over to your Paris vacation rental.’s Apartment # 26 features the ability to arrange a fully fledged catering service to entertain your guests in roof deck townhouse, so you can better build that relationship and close that deal!

Lastly, while travelling as an American couple in the City of Love, it is not uncommon to see hundreds of other American couples doing the very same thing you are.  Many times couples will meet at dinner or at a bar and it can be comforting to talk to other tourists and share your experiences in the City and what better way to do it than throwing a party at your Paris apartment rental!  No matter how you’re travelling though, living like a local allows for an enriched travel experience unlike any other.