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Paris' 10th Arrondissement

Like many American travelers to Europe, you may arrive in Paris via the Eurostar train from London.  The high speed train has frequent departures from England’s capital and travels under the English channel.  More frequently known as “riding the chunnel,” the train typically arrives at one of the two main railway stations in Paris, Gare du Nord or Gare de l’Est.  Both of these stations are located in Paris’ 10th Arrondissement and are the busiest stations in all of Europe.  Although the areas directly surrounding the two stations are more industrial and working class, there are a few up and coming areas of the 10th that make great places to spend a day or rent a Paris vacation apartment.

First and foremost, the hub of the 10th Arrondissement centers on the beautiful tree lined Canal St. Martin district and its many eclectic restaurants, bars and cafes.   The streets in this area are most popular during the last half of the day Saturday and all day Sunday when they become car-free and a haven for pedestrians.  Along with Place de la Republique in the very south, the dining and nightlife scene may be the fastest growing in the entire city of Paris.  Paris apartment rentals in the nearby area are being snatched up quickly by youngish Bohemian types, so Paris vacation rentals for tourists are tough to find.  Although the area’s notoriety is growing exponentially, it is not yet to the level of a family oriented district.  If this area seems like it might be your thing though and you can’t find a place in the immediate vicinity, check out CobbleStay’s luxury Paris rentals in the nearby 11th Arrondissement.

Other than the Canal St. Martin area, the 10th is very cosmopolitan and much like many of the other less visited areas around the city.  If you’re looking for landmarks there aren’t many, but the best one to see would be the neo-classical Saint Vincent de Paul Church which is one of the more unique looking churches in the city.    American born travel journalist and guidebook author Heather Stimmler-Hall said it best that “If you’re looking for urban authenticity, the 10th has it. If you’re looking for cute and comfortable, give it another decade (or two).”