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Paris' 11th Arrondissement

Paris’ 11th Arrondissement is not only the most densely populated urban district in the city, but also in all of Europe with over 150,000 people living within its limits.   Overall, the district contains a bit of everything and as a result it is quite possibly the most popular place for young travelers to rent a Paris vacation apartment.  Its youthful feel featuring many small family owned businesses, a bustling weekend market and a wide selection of bars and restaurants has also given it a very strong sense of community for its permanent residents.  

If you’re searching for famous monuments, the 11th may not be as appealing as some of its neighbors, but for the young and young at heart, the nightlife scene in the area is considered by many to be the best in the city and provides a great reason to stay in a nearby Paris apartment rental.  Overall, the district can be divided into two main centers for life after dark.  The narrow streets just east of Place de la Bastille, which are literally packed with small pubs, clubs, and restaurants, are typically crowded with young suburbanites and tourists.  Here, you will also find Place de la Republique as well as a large outdoor market and a few children’s parks that are great for tourists traveling with family.  The Oberkampf area, which has much of the same in the way of bars and restaurants, caters to a more urban, traditionally Parisian crowd and could be said to have a grungier feel. Both areas are quite different, but are equally appealing in their own way.

Although the area has comparatively fewer historical landmarks, it does not lack history by any means.  In fact, the previously dominant working class population of the area caused so much of a stir during the French Revolution that the worried French authorities even paved over the city’s local canal to make sure their armies had easy access to tame the rowdy citizens!  Also, if you’ve ever heard of France’s infamous public executions, a number of them occurred on the nearby Rue de la Roquette just outside the notorious Roquette Prison.  The prison no longer exists, but was used by German authorities during World War II to keep French POWs.  A park now exists in its place to honor their memory.

Despite the area’s immense popularity, it is not necessarily recommended for all types of tourists.  Due to it’s crowded nature, it can be a little loud at times when some families tend to want to sleep, but it definitely doesn’t lack excitement and is great choice for anyone looking to have a good time during their stay in Paris.   If you’re interested in this area, check out’s Paris rental apartment #15.  It is a beautiful top floor apartment with a view of the River Seine, Eiffel Tower, & the Pantheon and is an ideal choice for travelers looking to enhance their experience in the city by choosing a Paris vacation rental instead of one of the many nearby hotels.