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Paris' 17th Arrondissement

Paris’ 17th arrondissement, situated on the right bank of the river Seine, houses a peculiar mix of varying residential and commercial areas.  Although it may not be the most ideal place for tourist to find a Paris vacation apartment rental, the area has great access to all of Paris’ central districts with its southern border being right next to the Arc de Triomphe.  The 17th also has three very distinct areas, a working class district around Place de Clichy, and upper class area by Avenue des Ternes and an old-town style village formerly called Batignolles.   

There aren’t many landmarks known to the typical tourist, but the most prominent buildings in the district are actually located right next to each other.  The Palais des Congres and the Concorde Lafayette are complimentary to each other in true North American fashion, as a large exhibition center and high-rise hotel.  Construction on Palais des Congres finished in 1974 and it primarily hosts conventions and big name concerts.  Concorde Lafayette is actually the largest hotel in the city and contains over a 1,000 hotel rooms.  Although the building itself is impressive, tourists will find much better accommodations in a smaller hotel or Paris apartment rental. 

As already mentioned, the 17th arrondissement would by no means be considered the most desirable place to stay for tourists, but it is very typical of a number of other districts in Paris.  While there is no doubt you will find a few quality options for hotels and other short term Paris rentals, there are definitely other areas where tourists would find more value for the dollar.  For example, Paris vacation rentals in the 17th are less prestigious than its neighboring areas, but carry about the same cost.  The reality is though that everyone has their reasons for staying in different areas of the city, so if your trip does bring you to the 17th, the southernmost quarters and the northeast corner closer to the 18th arrondissement would be your best bets to find the best hotels and Paris apartment rentals.

As far as things to do are concerned, the 17th is comparatively very quiet, but does feature a few hot spots.  Monceau Park is very popular amongst Parisians and the bustling Levis café and neighboring commercial district has a decent nightlife scene.  There is also a great local market at the Ternes and Poncelet district that would be a great option to find some local goods to bring back to cook in a luxury Paris apartment.