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Paris' 2nd Arrondissement

Known for a variety of the more subtle aspects of Paris, the 2nd Arrondissement, or district, of Paris is a great place to rent a Paris vacation apartment.   It is centrally located on the right back of the River Seine and is home to three of the main, yet somewhat ironic hubs in the city.  Despite being the smallest arrondissement, the district houses one of the foremost financial centers in Europe, the infamous Galleries of Paris and interestingly enough, a portion of Paris’ “red light district”.

The French stock exchange, known originally as the Bourse de Paris, is now called Euronext Paris and is located on Rue Cambon.  Considering the large number of bank headquarters and financial buildings nearby and the fact that the entire arrondissement is only four tenths of a square mile, it is not hard to find.  Only about 20,000 people live in the district, but the bustling financial center provides over 60,000 jobs and is therefore a popular destination for business travelers.  Hotel accommodations are plentiful like most areas of the city, but many seasoned business travelers tend to rent Paris apartment rentals instead for their freedom and privacy.

Many people believe the Galleries of Paris were the prototypes of the modern day indoor shopping mall. Although they are somewhat past their prime, they are still a worthwhile visit just for their historical value.  They originated in 1786 when the Duke of Orleans found a way to make some extra money by renting out his gardens to local shops.   Since then, the original muddy and dark Paris streets were the first to slowly be replaced by the well lit, paved walkways that are now found all over the city.  Although it may be obvious to today’s business owner, it was not a well known fact at the time that creating a pleasant environment for people made them want to buy things!

Although the famous Moulin Rouge is just outside the 2nd arrondissement, the east side of the district known as the Montorgeuil, is a lively area with some distinctive similarities to Paris’ not so prestigious Pigalle area.  However, the area is the most livable part of the “red light district” and houses some of the most unique Paris vacation apartment rentals.   Many of these Paris vacation rentals are part of older buildings that have been restored and have and private, quiet surroundings facing away from the busy streets. The Picasso museum is also nearby and many would argue that its contents are truly fitting to the 2nd arrondissement’s quirky surroundings.