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Paris' 9th Arrondissement

Although Paris’ 9th Arrondissement wouldn’t be the most highly recommended area to rent a Paris vacation apartment rental, it is an important part of Paris’ cultural landscape and definitely worth a visit.  Overall, the area is very multifaceted and can be divided into two distinct areas in the north and south.  The north is essentially Paris’ version of the “red light district” and although it’s technically not in the 9th Arrondissement, its most well known tourist attraction is the Moulin Rouge.   In contrast, the southern area consists of a number of prestigious boulevards and features the famed Palais Garnier opera house named after its designer Charles Garnier.

Although the northern area, also known as Pigalle has been known for years as possibly the “seediest” area of the city, it has begun to clean itself up over the years and is also known for being a cheap shopping area.  This is in stark contrast to the typically expensive fashion tastes throughout the rest of the city and therefore is a welcome treat for the bargain shopper.  The entire northern area of district closely joins the famous Montmarte area where the Moulin Rouge actually sits.  However, the small area in between Pigalle and Montmarte is an inherent “no man’s land” for tourists and should be avoided if possible.

Needless to say, if you are looking to find a Paris apartment rental within the 9th Arrondissement, the south would be where to look, but it is really only for the more adventurous traveler.  Families with children would be advised to find a Paris vacation rental in 7th or 8th Arrondissements and has a few great choices in these areas.   As far as attractions are concerned, the Palais Garnier, or as it is more commonly known, the Paris Opera is a beautifully building and has some very interesting history as well.  The opera house itself took 13 years to build due to delays caused by a small underground lake that was discovered.  The lake still exists under the building and interestingly enough was the hiding place the “Phantom of the Opera” in Paul Leroux’s famous play.  If the building isn’t impressive enough outside, the interior is truly awe inspiring and features a 100 ft. tall Grand Staircase and an over 150 foot long Foyer with a mosaic covered ceiling painted by Marc Chagall.

Overall, the 9th really fits perfectly into how people tend to describe certain places as “a great place to visit, but I would never live there”.  This doesn’t mean of course that some of the more quirky Parisians don’t hang their hat within the district’s boundaries, but as a tourist there are plenty of better places to find a Paris apartment vacation rental.