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Pere-Lachaise Cemetary

While you may not associate a cemetery with the romance of Paris, the Pere-Lachaise Cemetary is a wondrous place to for reflection.  Pere-Lachaise was named for Louis IV’s confessor, and is now affectionately known as la cite des morts (the city of the dead) and serves as a final resting place for countless historical figures like Frederic Chopin, Marcel Proust, and most famously Jim Morrison.  

Today, the cemetery house approximately 300,000 graves making it the most visited cemetery in the world.  It serves as the final resting place for many international legends like Colette, Frederic Chopin, Vitor Hugo, Oscar Wilde, Isadora Duncan, Marcel Proust & Jim Morrison. There are also various war monuments around the cemetery that are some of the more moving features.  

If you’re staying in a nearby long-term Paris apartment rental or home, this is a great place to take your morning stroll, or a place for some quiet reflection.  However, you should familiarize yourself with the cemetery ahead of time.  If you are only staying a short while, try to visit the cemetery on a sunny day to see the blooming flowers and the play of light and shadow on the hauntingly beautiful tombs.  The elaborately constructed tombs are not the only attraction, as they lie within numerous rolling hills, cascades of trees & winding paths. Also make sure to walk up to the summit to see a picturesque view of the entire cemetery.  

The cemetery is tucked away in the northeastern corner of Paris, in the 20th arrondissement, on Boulevard de Menilmontant. While the 20th arrondissement is largely residential, there aren’t many luxury Paris vacation rentals in the area unless you are renting from a private homeowner. Nevertheless, Pere Lachaise is easily accessible from Paris vacation rentals & hotels all around Paris by using the Metro line 2, and exiting on Philippe. Don’t be confused by the Pere Lachaise station on Line 3, because it is 500meters away from the side entrance.  It is generally open from 7:30am-6:00pm, but closes at 5:30pm during the winter months.