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Rue Mouffetard

If you’re lucky enough to stumble upon Rue Mouffetard during a visit to Paris, you find will yourself taking a stroll down one of the city’s most uniquely decorated streets.  Lined with a number of quaint restaurants, shops, & cafés, Rue Mouffetard, or La Mouffe as it is known by its more frequent visitors, may be one of the best places in Paris to get a real feel for French culture.  La Mouffe is in the 5th Arrondissment in the otherwise known Latin Quarter and if one of CobbleStay’s Paris short term rentals is available in the area, you could find yourself spending more time than you think walking the street and enjoying an authentically French experience.

Dating all the way back to the Roman area, Rue Mouffetard also has a unique historical significance, much different than what the typical tourist may be looking for.  From the 3,000 pieces of gold found at a demolished house on number 53, to the Fountaine du Pot-de-Fer used by Marie de Medicis at number 60.  It is said that almost every address on La Mouffe has a story behind it.  If history is not your thing though, you may find yourself wandering through the famous open air market located just in front of the Church of Saint Medard.   In this case, you better hope you’re not staying in a hotel and have a place to eat and cook the wide variety of foods.  Many of CobbleStay’s Paris vacation apartment rentals have full, gourmet kitchens perfect for enjoying all your purchases and getting the most out of your stay in Paris.

Eating out on Rue Mouffetard is also a treat as it is chalk full of small, family owned restaurants serving up Paris’ finest.  Just after the market closes, the restaurants open attracting an engaging crowd of young locals and tourists alike.  The restaurants range from a wide variety of ethnic foods, to a few traditional tourist oriented pleasantries, none of which lack charm.  Many of the buildings housing the restaurants and Paris rental apartments stacked above, date back to the 12th Century and have been wonderfully preserved giving it a clean, old world feeling.  The street is also about ninety percent pedestrian only which is yet another aspect of its wondrous appeal.

Needless to say, if you’re looking to get a little more out of your stay in Paris than the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre for example, here is a recommendation.  Rent a Paris vacation apartment like CobbleStay’s #18 and take a few days to enjoy Le Mouffe.  Walk the cobblestone streets, shop at a few small stores, buy some food at the market to enjoy lunch at a nearby park or come at night and dine out in one of the most pleasantly distinctive areas of the city.