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Sacre Coeur

Sacré Coeur, or "Sacred Heart" in English, is a small Catholic basilica located in Montmartre, the heart of the city. A stunning white church that has both political and cultural meaning, Sacré Coeur is visible through much of the city. Visitors can find a luxury Paris apartment in the area nearby, making it easy to walk to many of the surrounding sites and get to transportation to experience the rest of the city.

About Sacré Coeur

Montmartre, or "Mount of Martyrs", is traditionally where the first bishop of Paris, Saint Denis, and his companions were martyred at the end of the third century. Sacré Coeur is not the first church to occupy the hill. In 1133, King Louis le Gros donated the hill to a group of nuns, who founded an abbey there. The Jesuits (the Society of Jesus) founded their mission there, as well. The abbey was destroyed and the sisters beheaded during the French revolution.

Construction on Sacré Coeur began in 1873. Many of the new churches at the time were dedicated to Mary, but Sacré Coeur is dedicated to the Heart of Christ.

Things to Do near Sacré Coeur

A Paris apartment rental near Sacré Coeur is located right in the city's nightlife setting. There are many clubs, bars and shows in the area, including Moulin Rouge. 

During the day, you can wander the twisted city streets, visit the Montmartre Museum and the Montmartre Cemetery, or you can climb the Staircase of Montmartre, the most famous stairway in the city, and marvel at the view.

Other nearby attractions include the Salvador-Dali Museum, Studio 28, St. Pierre of Montmartre Church, Le 104 for artists and art enthusiasts, and the Museum of Erotic Art.


Montmartre is one of the best places in the city to shop. It has all of the souvenirs that are available in other parts of the city, but it also has items that are uniquely Parisian, for a better price. This is the place to buy clothing, fabrics, electronics, shoes and other items.

There is also a wonderful open-air market where you can buy items, such as fresh fruits, veggies, fish and clothing.

If you are staying in a Paris vacation rental, you must visit Sacré Coeur. As you make your way up the winding steps, you may see artists painting the scene, hear street musicians playing and the top, you can see the whole city spread out before you.