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The Arc de Triomphe

Perhaps on a stroll down Avenue des Champs-Élysées, or from a candlelit dinner on the patio of your luxury Paris vacation apartment you noticed an enormous arch somewhere in the backdrop.  Standing at 50m high, 45m wide & 22m deep, the Arc de Triomphe towers over the West end of Champs Elysees, and is the 2nd largest arc in existence, next to Arch of Titus in Rome.  In fact, the arc is so large that in 1919, Charles Godfrey successfully flew his Nieuport biplane through it.   The Arc itself serves as the center pin of the “Axe Historique”, which is a line of monuments starting at the Louvre and passing through the Tuileries Gardens, Champs Elysees, Arc De Triomphe, Congress, & terminating at Paris’s business district “La Defense”.  Be careful not to confuse this giant arch with its smaller counterpart “Arc Du Triomphe Carrousel”, which is located at the entrance to the Tuileries Gardens, or its larger and more modern counterpart “La Grande Arche de la Defense in the business district.   

The Arc was designed in 1806 by Jean Chalgrin & completed in 1836 to honor Napoleon‘s military victories, specifically the Austerlitz Victory in 1805, and has since become an iconic symbol of French Patriotism & Romantic Neoclassicism.  At the bases of the pillars are 4 sculptures commemorating the Triumph of 1810, Resistance, Peace & La Marseillaise.  Engraved along the top are the names of Napoleon’s major victories, and the inner arc holds engravings of over 550 French generals and their victories.  Inside the arc is a small museum and access to the top of the Arc for a spectacular view of Paris.  There is a fee to access this museum, but if you are renting an apartment in Paris with us at, your booking agent can hook you up with the Paris Pass, which gets you access to over 60 museums & attractions around the city.  

Since 1920, the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier has been a beautiful addition to commemorate fallen soldiers in Word War 1 & 2.  The eternal flame is rekindled every day at 6:30pm should you choose to visit at this hour.  Also, every Armistice Day (Nov 11) the President will lay a ceremonial wreath, and on National/Bastille Day (July 14) a military parade commences at the Arc and proceeds down Champs Elysees. The famous Tour De France culminates at the Arc de Triomphe in July.   

The Arc is located at 10 Rue Arc de Triomphe 75017 Paris, France, which is the central meeting place of approximately 12 main avenues.  So whether you’re staying in a Paris rental apartment along Champs Elysees, or down another avenue, the Arc is easy to find.   Should you be in a Paris apartment rental or hotel not within walking distances, the Charles de Gualle-Etiole Metro station will take you there.