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The Parisian Pantheon

The Parisian Pantheon is an architectural marvel and a temple to both science and religion. King Louis XV originally built this fantastic piece of French history in honor of the city’s patron saint, Saint Genevieve. While the Pantheon was built as a Catholic Church, it has not always served as a place of religious worship. It was used as a mausoleum during the French Revolution, and then was twice reverted to being a church, only to be rededicated as a meeting place for French luminaries. As the final resting place for many great men and women, an architectural wonder, and the home of many fine pieces of art, the Pantheon is certainly worth a visit. 

When choosing an apartment rental Paris offers a plethora of options, but all give tourists the chance to live like a Parisian. This means strolling through the narrow streets, picking up a baguette for dinner, and soaking up the history that lives within the city. Choosing a Paris vacation rental in the Latin Quarter lends bohemian flair and also happens to be the home of the Pantheon, which is so expansive that a visitor might need more than one visit to ensure that nothing is overlooked in this fantastically haunting monument. 

When one enters the Pantheon they are treated to beautiful frescoes depicting the life of Saint Genevieve done by Antoine Gros. The painting winds around the entirety of the Pantheon and takes the visitor on a journey through Paris’ patron saint’s life story. Beautiful sculptures and other works are founds throughout the interior of the ground floor, but for a heavenly view of the city, march up to the top of the dome. Still, a visit to the Pantheon is not complete without venturing into the necropolis. 

The Pantheon is the eternal resting place of many illustrious French men and women. Voltaire, Rousseau, Victor Hugo, the Curies, and Alexandre Dumas are all interred within the confines of the Pantheon’s necropolis. While a journey underground might not be particularly alluring, the tombs beneath the Pantheon are actually quite impressive and some are even beautiful to behold. 

Anyone considering a stay in one of the vacation rentals Paris offers should plan on finding an apartment in or near the Latin Quarter. Not only does this area offer a unique atmosphere and culture, but it is also the site of the Pantheon. This monument has survived through tumultuous times and stands as an impressive artistic achievement as well as an eternal home for many who made France great.