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The Tour de France

The Tour de France is a well-known bicycle race held each year in Paris and the surrounding area. The race lasts for three weeks and includes a path that is more than 2,200 miles in length. The Tour de France was developed in 1903 and is the most prestigious of the three bicycle "Grand Tours." Cyclists from all across the globe come to France to compete in this challenging race. 

Each day of the race is its own "stage," and the time it takes each cyclist to finish the stage is recorded. All of the times from the different stages are combined on the last day of the race to determine the winner. The cyclist with the lowest combined time at the end of the race is named the champion. Though the course varies from one year to the next, the race always ends in Paris.

For the winner of the race, a large sum of prize money is awarded. Bonuses and cash prizes are also given to those who place well during each stage, as well as at the end of the race. Today, all prizes are given solely in the form of cash, but there was a time in the race's history that prizes took other forms as well, such as paris apartments or cars.

The Tour de France draws a lot of spectators. Millions of people come to line the course of the race, some of them camping out for days ahead of time to get the best spot. As an important part of French culture, the race has even inspired a number of popular songs, films and documentaries.

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