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Villa Savoye

The Villa Savoye is a modernist villa in Poissy, France. Poissy is on the outskirts of Paris and easily accessible for visitors who are staying in a Paris vacation rental. Poissy can be reached by taking a Regional Express Network (RER) train from Paris. The RER trains connect to the Paris Metro. This is convenient for tourists whose vacation rentals Paris are close to RER stations or Metro stations. A bus goes from the RER station in Poissy to Villa Savoye.

Swiss architect Le Corbusier designed the Villa Savoye during the 1920s as a weekend home for the Savoye family. It was completed in 1931 and the Savoyes used the house until 1940. Villa Savoye was damaged during World War II and the city of Poissy eventually took control of the house. It was restored between 1985 and 1997.

The ground floor of Villa Savoye is supported by columns. The driveway goes into a garage underneath the house. Villa Savoye’s exterior is white concrete. The first floor has horizontal windows and there is a garden on the flat roof.

Visitors to Villa Savoye will enter the house by taking a spiral staircase or an entrance ramp from the garage to the first floor. The spiral staircase winds through the house to the top floor. The ramp goes to the first floor terrace and along the outside of the house to the solarium on the roof.

Every exterior wall on the first floor has windows running along its entire length. The living room has a glass wall and adjoins a courtyard. The other rooms on the first floor are three bedrooms, the kitchen, the pantry and bathrooms. There is a terrace off the master bedroom.

The open-air solarium on the roof is surrounded by high walls to protect it from the wind. The solarium is next to the rooftop garden. The first floor of the house can be reached from the roof by the ramp or the staircase.

Visitors can wander around the house without a guide. Most of the rooms have no furniture. A leaflet with information about the house is available to visitors.

Visitors who are staying in a Paris luxury apartment rental in a historic building will find the Villa Savoye quite different from the areas surrounding their Paris vacation rental and can be a welcome retreat.